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Goals & Tips for Success

Achieving our Goals ~ Tips for Success

The purpose of music lessons is for students to develop and refine the knowledge, skills, and basic musicianship needed to build a foundation for a lifetime of joyful and rewarding music making.  Learning to sing or play an instrument is exciting and fun, but it is also challenging and may be unlike anything the student has ever done before.  The learning process requires a complex interplay of kinesthetic, aural, intellectual, and creative skills.  

The consistency of weekly instruction and regular practice is essential to ensure that students make progress, feel successful, and remain motivated.  The teacher will help the student create a realistic and productive practice routine.  Students are advised to keep a record of their practice sessions and how they spend their practice time, and to note any questions they would like to discuss at their next lesson. 

With continued study, students’ innate love and enthusiasm for music grows.  They feel proud of their efforts and achievements.  They become confident and independent musicians who look forward to learning the next piece and sharing their musical gifts with others.


Music and Study Materials

Once the student’s level has been determined, the teacher will tell you what specific materials will be needed.  Music books, supplies, and sheet music can be purchased at music stores or online.  Music and Arts offers locations in Timonium, Ellicott City, and Arundel Mills. 

Music may also be purchased on their website.          http://www.musicarts.com/  

Sheet Music Plus is another good online resource.     http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

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