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Notes from Students, Parents, and Colleagues


“Thank you so much for a wonderful year of piano lessons.  I had fun and learned a lot!”
~ K.S.


“Thank you so much for helping me learn.  At first I couldn’t really sing well.  Now I am a really good singer; everyone says so.  You have helped me sing beautifully.  I learned so much from you.  You are the best.  Thank you for believing in me.”
~ B.R.


I wanted to congratulate you on the spectacular Holiday concert!!! I have never seen such an organized and well prepared holiday program in any other school.  All the kids seem to be singing on pitch and it was obvious that they had practiced a lot. Congratulations. My husband and I were very impressed.”
~ M.M.


“You have no idea how much I have enjoyed our years of music.  You have made me feel special and happy.  You have encouraged me and helped me make music fun.  You have developed my singing so much!  I would love to have private lessons with you.”
~ B.H.


“This year went very well with you because I did not have a strong voice in the beginning of the year.  My voice got better and better every time I went to music class.  I improved a lot!  I just want to thank you so much for the hard work and effort you put into trying to make my dream come true, being a professional singer.”

~ A.K.


“I want to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done to give our daughter and all of the girls such a solid foundation in music.  She is now taking private voice lessons and her teacher is very impressed by how much she already knows!  Your class is one of the big highlights of her week.”
~ C.R.


“Thank you so much for being my music teacher!  I really enjoyed performing in the piano recitals.  Thank you also for inspiring me to sing with joy and to always do my best.  I will always remember that.  Music is my favorite subject and you are my favorite teacher.”

~ A.W.


“I want to thank you for inspiring the spirit of music in my daughter.  She is constantly singing with a smile on her face.  That they are the songs that I grew up with is a bonus because we can sing together.  Her enthusiasm is boundless.”
~ S.S.


“Thank you for being my music teacher.  My voice gets prettier and prettier because of you.”  ~ A.H.


“Thank you so much for producing a wonderful Winter Holiday program.  We appreciate and admire your creative talents and leadership abilities.  It is amazing and impressive that you can direct and perform such an inspiring program.  The girls are terrific and so are you!”       ~ F.M.


 “Thank you for giving me the voice of an angel.  I loved having you as a music teacher.  Music was fun!”

~ A.D.


“Thank you for your wonderful work with the girls.  My daughters cherish their time in your class.  We are lucky to have you!”
~ K.R.


“The concert was tremendous.  I felt like I was at a professional concert.  I am in awe of what you do.  My feelings I know were shared by all.  You gave us a wonderful gift to kick off our holidays.”
~ D.L.


“Thank you so much for working so hard to help us sing and sound perfect.  You really have the special touch when it comes to singing!  It would have the sound of a broken record if you weren’t our music teacher.  You were born to teach music and singing.”
~ C.Y.


“We would just like to say how much we enjoyed the applied music recital.  We were truly impressed by the standard of all the students.  Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm with the children.  Our daughter has a passion for the piano.”
~ J.B.


“What I like best about you being my teacher is you explain things to us and we learn something new every class.”

~ K.S.


“I want to thank you so much for what you have done over this year.  You brought my voice to be as high as it is now.  At the beginning of the year I was the worst singer ever, but now look at me!  You are the best music teacher ever!”

~ J.L.


“We would love for my daughter to study with you as your background and passion for teaching has left an indelible imprint on her.”
~ M.B.


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